A great time to buy and rent in the beautiful Lecrin Valley, Spain

Our beautiful Lecrin Valley is experiencing renewed vigour with a recovering economy and the completed motorway links to Almeria and Malaga, together with new international flight connections to Granada bringing more visitors and more business.

Steadily rising property prices and tidier, reinvigorated villages with new sports campos, playgrounds, parks, plazas, parking areas and landscaping are all indicators to an area “on the up” which means it’s definitely a great time to buy or rent in this lovely, unspoilt part of Andalucia, Spain.

Of course everything gets a little bit smarter in the run up to an election or the annual summer fiesta season, as the locals fervently whitewash everything in sight and make sure their plazas, plant pots, terraces and window boxes are in tip-top condition!

However, following some years of the global financial crisis, which really hit this largely rural area hard, the Lecrin Valley is definitely in recovery mode and it’s the perfect time to rent or buy a local property while prices are slowly on the rise again.

Danielle Gouwens of At Home in Andalusia estate agency, says, “What is a significant change is that sales have been up for the last two years now, by over 50%, compared to 2012/2013. This is largely to do with prices hitting rock bottom in 2014; but with the current low interest rates, it’s a great time to buy rather than save!”

“Almost all holiday homes in Spain were booked up for summer by March this year,” says Danielle, “because countries like Turkey, Egypt, Tunisia and even Greece are less popular due to financial and terrorist events and Spain still feels both safe and value for money.”

Photo: Danielle Gouwens.


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