The Lecrin Valley has a great climate.

Generally speaking summers are hot and winters are cool, blue and crisp,  with little rain and warm days once the sun takes hold.

The northern part of the valley from Durcal to Padul is colder and higher in altitude, and often gets snow, whereas the lower, more southern village of the valley from Talara get few frosts and only the occasional dusting of snow every few years or so.

Spring is most people’s favourite time of the year with warm temperatures, beautiful flowers everywhere and the intoxicating smell of the orange blossom.

Summer is hot and dry, with the odd cloud burst or rumble of thunder over the hills. However it’s much more temperate than Granada city and there’s usually a breeze in the summer making the heat much more bearable.

Autumn is the locals’ “second spring” when they get some much-needed rain – though much less than northern European countries! It’s usually lovely and warm and sunny.


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