Due to its agriculture, climate and position mid way between Granada and the Coast, The Lecrin Valley has always been a busy farming community, but it suffered greatly under Franco and the population was left significantly depleted.

It started to pick itself up again over the last couple of decades,  but with the current recession in Spain, the Valley’s main income (being from oranges and lemons) has been hit hard.

That said, The Lecrin Valley people are resilient and a pretty happy bunch. They love their villages and their life. Many of the older people have never even been to Granada, let alone to other parts of the country or overseas.

And while there has been an exodus of both foreigners and local young people in the past, the Spanish are returning and with good communications infrastructure, transport and utilities in most villages,  the Valley’s beauty, affordability and available houses is bringing in a new generation of Valley residents, both Spanish and international!