Now Easy-er to fly to Granada from Manchester!

Not only is Easyjet flying from Gatwick to Granada this year, but the company will also start to fly from Manchester this summer, with twice weekly flights from the end of July.  Return flights from Manchester to Granada will operate every Tuesday and Friday from 21 July through to the end of October, then every Monday and Friday from 30 October.  

The completion of the motorway in 2014 between Almeria / Granada and Malaga / Granada, and new road system around Malaga airport, made a significant difference to journey time from Malaga and Almeria airports and now means that Malaga is only around 70-75 minutes’ drive from the Lecrin Valley.

The new Easyjet flight routes from Gatwick and now Manchester are great news for UK visitors to Granada and the surrounding areas, including our beautiful Lecrin Valley and will hopefully encourage other European airlines to use the airport as well giving more options to travellers from northern Europe and Scandinavia.

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