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3 thoughts on “Contact

  1. HI…
    We are moving to Saleres next year…
    I wanted to ask if there are such things as allotments in Spain for people who do not have gardens ?
    Any advice/info?

    1. Hello Jesse, Spain doesn’t have the same sort of allotments system as we have in the UK sadly… and in rural areas like the Lecrin Valley pretty much everyone has access to a little parcel of land somewhere – owned by a neighbour or family member etc… Once you’re settled in, it’s worth asking neighbours and people in the village if they know anyone who has a spare bit of land you could rent, borrow or buy even if you want to grow veggies etc. You’ll most likely find someone who’ll have something or will know someone who does… Good luck.

    2. Ps there are a couple of Facebook pages and groups you’ll probably find useful to ask things like that…failing that, ask in your local bar!!

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