A valley for all seasons, but spring is the best

One of the great things about our little corner of Spain, and its particular location is that, unlike many hot countries, you don’t have to give up the seasons in order to have your “place in the sun”. All seasons are great here, but spring is the best, and a fantastic time to get to know the Lecrin Valley.

Winter in the Lecrin Valley is short, but you can still see snow on the ground on occasion – though more likely up in the higher villages and on the sierras rather than down in the Valley itself.

Our summer is long, dry and hot – perfect for guaranteed gorgeous summer holidays. Full of the sounds of the birds, cicadas and the summer fiestas with the benefit of the afternoon breezes coming off the Sierra Nevada.

Our autumn or “second spring” is still beautifully warm, without the heat of the summer. It’s full of all the amazing blossom of the winter fruit and the warm temperatures last well into November. You can still be in a T-shirt in December if you’re lucky and al-fresco dining and trips down to the chiringuitos on the costa are still very much the norm.

Spring in the Valley starts early. While there’s still snow on the Sierra Nevada for many more months, down in the valley, the almond blossom appears, and despite the odd cold snap, the pretty white and pink blossom makes it feel like spring already, and heralds the start of the Orange harvest in late January/ early February when the valley becomes a hive of activity.

In February, the native flowers by the lake and on the hillsides all start to appear – including a vast array of daisies, gerberas, celestines and calendula, as well as some of the more tropical plants and trees we have in the area, such as Banana palms, Mimosa and Carob (algarrobo).

A few weeks after the orange harvest is completed, in late February / early March, the orange blossom blooms on the trees and the Valley is filled with the amazing aroma of the azahar…

Next come the poppies and once they’re out, you know that spring is in full bloom. The local fields and orchards are full of them.

The fabulous warm spring days are perfect for sitting in village squares with a coffee or a glass of wine and a tapa, walking and cycling around the area and for visiting Granada before it gets too hot. It’s a great time to explore the hills and sierras and a lovely time to be by Beznar lake or to head down for weekend lunches on the Costa Tropical before the tourists arrive.

If you’re looking for a second or permanent home in the Lecrin Valley, spring is the best time to look. You definitely won’t be disappointed.

As we write this in early February, while Northern Europe is in the middle of a freezing weather system and covered in snow and ice, in the Lecrin Valley it’s 18C and sunny!

Come and see us soon!

Photos: Danielle Gouwens, At Home in Andalusia