Make the most of the Lecrin Valley’s extended summer!

The weather may have turned a bit chilly and autumnal in the UK this week, but not so in the Lecrin Valley, where the sunshine persists to provide lovely late summer weather, well into October and beyond.

September and October are perfect months for a getaway to southern Spain, where the temperatures are warm, without being too hot; and the beaches and cities free from the summer crowds.

It’s a great time to explore the area; taking advantage of the amazing views from the sierras down to the coast – either on foot or on horseback; taking in the sites of the villages, towns and cities of the Granada province or chilling on your favourite beach of the Costa Tropical* with a BBQ of freshly caught sardines at the local chiringuitos.

In the Lecrin Valley the trees are bursting with fruit and the orchards are a hive of activity as the autumn fruit and nut harvest begins!  The abundant fruit isn’t just limited to the orchards, however; there’s plenty available by the roadside, including pomegranates (aka granadas), oranges and lemons, membrillos (quince-type fruit), cactus fruit and custard apples.

So don’t put away your summer clothes just yet! A quick flight down to Granada or Malaga and you can get back into your shorts and summer dresses in the Lecrin Valley and Costa Tropical!

*Salobreña, Motril, Almuñecar, La Herradura being the main beaches, but there are many more little coves to be found along the coast.

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