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Autumn in the Lecrin Valley

It’s Harvest Festival gone nuts! Autumn is one of the best seasons in the valley…possibly the best… The summer heat has dissipated a little, the breezes have returned, there will be the odd… Continue reading

Full of Fruity Goodness: Produce of the Lecrin Valley

The Lecrin Valley is a wonderful place, rich in history and primarily an area devoted to fruit. All over the place you’ll find old and existing mills, factories for frutos secos (nuts) and… Continue reading


In case you don’t know the Lecrin Valley, here you go… this is what the LECRIN VALLEY is all about! Lemons and Limes – they’re everywhere. They’re not as obvious as their brighter… Continue reading

All hail the Pomegranate, official symbol of Granada

Everywhere you go in Granada you see pomegranate imagery: in drawings and paintings; on signs, pottery; as statues, fountains and imbedded into pavements and roads. The pomegranate or Punica granatum, is “granada” in Spanish… Continue reading

Olives – Full of Fat and Flavour

Originally posted on The Botanical Kitchen:
I used to hate olives.  The first time I had one was by accident at secondary school and I spat it out and hid it discretely under my pile…